Modafinil dosage accounts dearly for anyone using the drug. The best way to comprehend this is to let’s begin with the basics, the definition. Modafinil is one most common cognitive substances used in the treatment of narcolepsy and other sleep disorders. It introduces a high level of alertness when used hence often keeps you awake and more conscious of your surroundings. Students and cooperate workers attending night shifts find this drug quite useful, a fact that now results in its worldwide abuse. 

Currently and in most states, Modafinil falls under the schedule IV controlled substance. It now belongs to a group of drugs usable under strict legal restrictions. Those eligible for the drug must, therefore are only patients with prescriptions from licensed doctors. Always the doctor will have indicated the dosage best fit for your condition.  

Going against expectations, all along, it has never been that those with prescriptions are the only ones who access these drugs. Lots of people today who use them for other purposes other than health now have means of getting the pills even more efficiently. Several online pharmacies now offer them also cheaply without prescription. What worries most is the dosage. Do these ‘illegal’ consumers use the right one? 

This guide is a clear procedure on how to works on particular dosages, and it is all that doctors recommend. If, therefore, you do not have a prescription, here is valid information you dearly need. 

Modafinil Dosage

How Modafinil works are that the higher the dosage, the more its effects. However, you must always understand how health hazard it can be to overdose. Doctors will often give you prescriptions based on your condition, which can be mild or severe. Nevertheless, here are clear dosage descriptions to guide you.

50mg Dose

While there is not 50mg Modafinil pill, you can still use this dosage. Always there is the 100mg pill, which you can break into two to give you the approximation. When getting started, going for a higher dose can be quite harmful to your health better, you start with little. Always what you should look for is this enhanced mental effect but at a lower dosage. 

100mg Dose

The 100mg tablets are quite available for most modafinil drugs. For narcolepsy patients, a dosage of one per day is recommended, mostly between 10-12 hours of sleep. Some may split this dosage in two, 50mg in the morning, another in the afternoon. This decision, however, depends on what works for you. At all costs, it is vital to avoid falling for overstimulation; this may only inconvenience your health. You will find the 100mg pills under different brand names, which mainly include; Provigil and Alertec.

Modafinil 200mg Dose

The 200mg dosage is quite the commonest amongst doctor’s prescriptions. Its recommendation is usually towards circadian rhythm patients who as well experience sleep disorders. However, it is also the most common among students who use it for a ‘smart drug.’ The recommended dosage for these pills is typically once per day. Most people take it in the morning as they go attending their daily duties. Otherwise, for the night shift attendees, a late evening when getting to work is the best time – early day consumption, my not be quite helpful.

For the first-timers, taking this Dose may be quite overwhelming for your system. It is always recommendable that you begin with the lower dosages, 50mg, upgrading to 100mg, and finally 200mg or so per day. 

Modafinil 400mg Dose

Taking 400mg Modafinil surprisingly does have an almost same similar effect to the 200mg. Several clinical reports have so far confirmed this, and therefore it becomes pointless taking some. The only risk there is a long-term effect taking 400mg pills can cause, especially when taken daily. 

Modafinil Dosage for ADHD

Though FDA has not approved this yet, Modafinil has shown a significant effect on the treatment of ADHD conditions. Lots of studies are already underway to confirm and to support this theory, which seems to be working. The dosage for this treatment in adults is 100mg and 200mg pills taken once daily. 

So far, no serious adverse effects have been witness except for rushes that occur in children. What the world waits now is clear recommendations from the doctors on its dosage towards ADHD. At the moment, it remains an off-treatment procedure. 


Modafinil is a prescription drug against several sleep disorders. Far beyond its medical use, some now use it for other purposes of being ‘smart.’ The only risk with this drug is addiction. Though not proven, Modafinil awards the brain with happiness, which is quite attractive

About its dosage, it is highly recommended that you use 200mg and below daily. It must occur to you that this drug offers different intensity effects to the various individual. The best dosage you should embrace then is that give you sufficient alertness and not excess. 

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