Food Safety Course Overview


Welcome to the Food Safety course. This course is designed to serve as a resource and training tool for child care and development administrators, directors, teachers, family day care home providers (referred to in this course as caregivers or providers), and food service personnel. Families with children participating in child care may also find the course information useful.

The Food Safety course provides basic food safety information to ensure that the food served to children is safe to eat.


This course is divided into five modules. Each module begins with an Overview/Objectives section, followed by useful information. Some modules also include short video clips.

Module 1: Introduction to Food Safety

This module explains why food safety is important in a child care setting and presents the basic concepts of what a foodborne illness is and how to prevent it.

Module 2: Good Personal Hygiene for Food Safety

This module presents good personal hygiene practices that must be followed to help keep food safe. In this module you will learn personal hygiene practices for food safety, such as when and how to wash hands and how to use disposable gloves properly.

Module 3: Safe Food Handling Procedures

This module describes safe food handling procedures for every step throughout the food production process: purchasing and receiving; storing; preparing; cooking; holding; cooling; reheating; and serving. In this module you will learn the importance of using food thermometers and of having a policy that provides guidelines for foods brought from home.

Module 4: Good Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting Practices

This module presents good cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting practices that must be followed to help keep food safe. In this module you will learn how cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting differ; when you should clean, sanitize, and/or disinfect; and how to clean and sanitize dishes and utensils properly.

Module 5: Special Considerations

This module presents some food safety guidelines and recommendations during mealtime, emergencies, field trips, and around pets. This module also addresses pest control issues.

Course Length

This course is self-paced. However, it will take approximately two hours and 30 minutes to complete the entire course in one sitting or about 30 minutes to complete each module. If you are unable to complete the entire course or a module in one sitting remember to note where you ended your session.

Certificate of Completion

You will be required to take a comprehensive test at the end of this course in order to obtain a Certificate of Completion and Professional Growth Hours. To pass this final test you must score 75 percent or higher. Go to Professional Growth Hours for detailed instructions.


When you complete the course, we invite you to use our self-assessment system to assess your child care site’s nutrition environment. To learn if you are following food safety guidelines complete the Self-assessment, Preparing Safe Meals for Children. If necessary, use the Action Plan to outline steps to improve your food safety environment.