Introduction to Food Safety


Do You Know?

…That millions of cases of foodborne illnesses are reported every year in the United States?
…That a foodborne illness is transmitted to humans by food or beverages?
…That a foodborne illness is unpleasant and may be painful?
…That the symptoms of a foodborne illness and their consequences can be life-threatening for children?
…That it is your responsibility to make every effort to ensure that the food you serve the children is safe to eat? 

Overview / Objectives

Providing safe food for young children to eat is important in any child nutrition program. An agency should have a written food safety policy that addresses all aspects of keeping food safe. This module explains why food safety is important in a child care setting and presents the basic concepts of what a foodborne illness is and how to prevent it.

After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • State why food safety is important in a child care setting.
  • Explain what a foodborne illness is, state some of its symptoms, and name some of its causes.
  • Explain how food and beverages can become contaminated.
  • State three ways to help prevent a foodborne illness from occurring.