Learning Center

The Learning Center is a virtual classroom where you can learn more about nutrition and nutrition related topics. The Center is dedicated to inspiring early childhood educators to build preschool environments that promote healthy and active lifestyles.


The goals of the Learning Center are to increase early childhood educators’ knowledge about nutrition and provide them with tools and resources to improve mealtime, the physical activity environment, and the quality and safety of meals served.


The courses are not designed to be taken in any specific order. You may choose to take only one or all of the courses.

This virtual classroom is always open. You can complete your coursework at times and places that fit your schedule. Because  the courses are self-paced, you do not have to complete a course in one sitting. Remember to make a note where you ended your session so that you can continue where you left off when you go back to the course.

If you are seeking Professional Growth Hours, you will be required to take a final test to obtain a Certificate of Completion for each course you take. Your Certificate of Completion will indicate the number of professional growth hours earned. For more information, refer to the Professional Growth Hours section.

Four Courses

Nutrition Fundamentals

fruits and vegetables

The Nutrition Fundamentals course will provide you with basic nutrition information to help you make healthful food choices to benefit children’s health and well-being.

Nutrition Fundamentals Course

Mealtime Environment

eating dinner

The Mealtime Environment course provides information to help you create a mealtime environment that is enjoyable, safe, and supportive for both children and adults.

Mealtime Environment Course

Preschool Nutrition and Active Physical Play

active children

The Preschool Nutrition and Active Physical Play course provides helpful nutrition information and information on physical activity, both of which can benefit children’s health and well-being.

Preschool Course

Food Safety


The Food Safety course provides basic food safety information to ensure that the food served to children is safe to eat.

Food Safety Course