Nutrition Fundamentals

Welcome to the Nutrition Fundamentals course. This course is designed to serve as a resource and training tool for child care and development administrators, directors, teachers, family day care home providers (referred to in this course as caregivers or providers), and food service personnel. Families with children participating in child care may also find the course information useful.

The Nutrition Fundamentals course will provide you with basic nutrition information to help you make healthful food choices to benefit children’s health and well-being.


This course is divided into six modules. Each module begins with an Overview/Objectives section followed by useful information and resources.

Module 1: Contribution of Nutrition to a Healthy Body
This module provides information on the importance of healthy eating. You will be asked to reflect on your personal eating choices to determine if you are eating healthfully.

Module 2: Digestion and Absorption of Nutrients
This module describes the body’s digestive system, the process of digestion, the parts of the body that participate in the digestive process, and how food travels through the digestive tract.

Module 3: The Nutrients, Their Functions, and Food Sources
This module discusses the six groups of nutrients, their functions and food sources. You also will learn how to make a sample lunch menu healthier.

Module 4: Current Nutrition Guidelines
This module provides guidance to help you make healthful food choices using the recommendations outlined in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans2015–2020 and My Plate.

Module 5: Meal Planning Considerations
This module provides considerations you should take into account when planning meals. In this module, you also will learn how to make a meal appealing.

Module 6: Food Labels and Food Claims
This module discusses ways to help you compare and decide which food items to buy. This module will help you learn how to read food labels and help you to understand food claims.

Course Length

This course is self-paced. However, it will take approximately three hours to complete the entire course in one sitting or about 30 minutes per module. If you are unable to complete the entire course or a module in one sitting remember to note where you ended your session.

Certificate of Completion

You will be required to take a comprehensive test at the end of this course in order to obtain a Certificate of Completion and Professional Growth Hours. To pass this final test you must score 75 percent or higher. Go to Professional Growth Hours for detailed instructions.

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