For sometimes now, scientists and industry insiders have engaged in a raging debate about the possibility of Modafinil‘s use for weight loss.

Some have even associated the smart pill with miracle diet pills that can help you effortlessly lose weight. Anecdotal reports concerning that have appeared on the internet, raising questions about their authenticity.

However, everyone seems to agree that Modafinil is effective in increasing focus, heightening energy levels, and sustaining concentration for long hours.

You can find information about research that has gone into proving Modafinil as an effective nootropic.

On the controversial topic of Modafinil’s weight loss, we want to clear the air through this comprehensive article.

We shall explain if and how Modafinil could act as a weight loss of fat loss agent for that matter. Keep reading to gain more knowledge about this important topic.

What Is Modafinil?

Modafinil is a pharmaceutical drug that promotes wakefulness and improved cognitive function. It was formulated in the French Lafon Laboratories by a group of scientists in 1976.

The scientists were studying the chemical action of Adrafinil when they discovered a new chemical with better and more effective nootropic effects.

Therefore, the scientists isolated Modafinil – which is the active ingredient in Adrafinil – and used it to make the drug Provigil.

Provigil entered the American market in 1998 when it received approval from the Food and Drug Administration as a narcolepsy treatment.

Later on, scientists realized that Modafinil was an effective treatment of insomnia, shift sleep disorder, and sleep apnea.

Its reputation as a powerful medication is due to the ability to curtail the natural need for the human body to sleep.

Even though originally a treatment for sleep disorders, experimentation by healthy individuals (off-label) has seen the drug adopted as an effective cognitive enhancer.

Unintentionally, Modafinil is now a powerful smart drug that enhances productivity by stimulating cognitive function.

Those who have used Modafinil for a long say that it helps them to efficiently process and recall information, have less fatigue, and be more focused.

Others have reported an incredible rise in sustained levels of motivation for accomplishing tasks easily and more successfully.

For that reason, Modafinil is a preferred pill for those in industries and careers that require high levels of concentration and productivity.

We are talking about high performing students, entrepreneurs, surgeons, CEOs, and military officers using Modafinil to boost their productivity.

In a recent 2020 survey researchers revealed that the use of Modafinil off-label keeps rising amongst the youth. The researchers said the increase was due to an increase in the number of possible benefits compared to fewer or non-existent side-effects.

According to the study, most Modafinil users were educated or Employed American or British males in their mid-20s.

Even though unexpected, one of the consequences of continued Modafinil use is a bodyweight reduction.

That’s despite Modafinil not being intended for weight loss. That brings as to the subject of this article – Modafinil weight loss.

Modafinil Weight Loss | How Does It Work?

One of the ways Modafinil is known to work is boosting the levels of dopamine and improving energy levels, thus helping you burn fat and lose weight.

Dopamine is the brain’s feel-good chemical, preventing you from feeling hungry for a long time. That could be the reason why individuals using Modafinil have reported losing weight without much effort.

Therefore Modafinil weight loss comes about by the effects of the drug on the body’s ability to burn fat. Several studies on the subject have shown the ease with which Modafinil users have lost weight.

In a 2004 study, researchers examined the effects of Modafinil on food consumption in 11 healthy adults aged 21 to 35 years.

The researchers established that Modafinil acted like amphetamine, reducing food consumption and decreasing energy intake without any change in the amounts of consumed macronutrients.

While at it, scientists established that the required Modafinil dose for weight loss didn’t increase the heart rate.

Another study in 2008 confirmed the results of this study among shifter workers who took a Modafinil dose of 400mg daily, decreasing their daily food consumption by 38 percent.

That’s because the drug significantly reduced hunger perception among the shift workers. Interestingly, the workers lost weight while maintaining their proportions of carbohydrate, fat, and protein intake.

From this study, it is clear that most Modafinil users go into a caloric deficit by staying without food for between 8 and 12 hours.

That is easy to explain – the incredible focus on school tasks or work for long periods can make you forget about eating or drinking. So it is clear that many users of Modafinil lose weight by focusing more on their work.

However, some researchers have proposed that Modafinil may cause weight loss by reducing impulsive behavior in individuals. A study published in 2016 showed how dramatically Modafinil can reduce impulsivity, including unhealthy food addiction.

Thus, it can help people control food cravings by promoting greater self-control, treating obesity, and excessive weight.

How Does Modafinil Weight Loss Happen?

Given all the scientific studies that have gone into the subject of Modafinil weight loss, we can confidently say that the smart drug can help you lose weight in the following ways:

1. Enhanced Cognitive Function

We already know the role of Modafinil as an effective nootropic drug, helping users improve mental focus and cognitive function.

That enables you to make smart decisions, which may involve your diet, lifestyle, and exercise. With improved mental focus, you are in a better position to effectively work on your goals, leading to weight loss.

2. Appetite Suppression

From the studies above, we have seen how effective Modafinil can be in reducing appetite for food in its users. That’s because users feel energized and able to concentrate on their work and not feel the urge to eat for long hours.

Therefore, taking Modafinil will result in you eating less food, hence weight loss. In short, modafinil helps you go into an unintended fast, decreasing the daily calorie intake.

3. Physical Activity

Sometimes, users of Modafinil may feel agitated and excited for between 8 and 10 hours. As a result of improved energy levels, people may decide to take up physical activities such as moving around, accomplishing tasks, and exercise.

The more you walk, dance, do sports, and engage in manual work, the easier it becomes for you to lose weight.

4. Increased Levels of Dopamine

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is also called the “feel good” hormone. It boosts your mood, improves cognitive function, regularizes sleep, and makes you feel satisfied with life.

With increased dopamine levels, you start feeling more “rewarded” and unlikely to look for food satisfaction. That makes it possible for you to lose weight quicker than you would expect.

5. Increased Energy Levels

By acting on specific neurotransmitters (like dopamine) in the brain, Modafinil helps increase an individual’s energy levels. After taking the drug, you will be in your full strength, ready to immerse yourself in work.

With increased energy, an individual is more likely to engage in more physical activities. Therefore, you can accomplish tasks, move around, and exercise, making your body burn more calories. With that, you can lose more weight sooner.

Factors Influencing Modafinil Weight Loss

Even with the evidence of Modafinil being an effective weight loss agent, it won’t work for everyone the same way.

Thus, some people may lose more weight, and others only a little due to the following intervening factors:

1. Dosage

An individual’s existing body weight determines the dosage of Modafinil one should take to lose weight. In some of the studies we have examined, users took at least 400mg of Modafinil daily, which is above the standard dosage of 200mg.

Therefore, increasing the Modafinil dosage will improve the effects of the drug on your physiological function, helping you lose more weight.

2. Lifestyle

Lifestyle has to do with what you eat or drink and daily activities which can contribute to enhancing your ability to lose weight.

Taking Modafinil alone will not effectively help you lose weight if you don’t combine it with healthy food and exercise.

3. Time Span

The length of time you take the drug determines the level of weight you can lose. Most users have reported losing weight after several weeks or months of Modafinil use.

So don’t expect to drastically lose weight after using the smart drug for a short time.

4. Genetics

Genetics is a significant factor in weight gain and obesity. As such, some people gain weight by nature, and taking drugs won’t make a big difference without extra effort.

However, other users may not have over-exertion to benefit from Modafinil weight loss.

5. Other Drugs

Taking Modafinil together with neuroleptics and antidepressants may affect how effectively it helps you lose weight.

So if you are taking the drug and not losing weight, other drugs could be the problem. If you want to get better results, you may combine it with a dedicated weight loss drug.

Modafinil Weight Loss- Conclusion

Even though indirect, it is clear that Modafinil can help you lose weight by suppressing appetite, increasing activity levels, and improving cognition.

However, Modafinil weight loss is nothing more than a side-effect of using the drug as a nootropic. Therefore, one can achieve long-term weight loss by combining its use with exercise, a healthy lifestyle, and proper nutrition.

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