ModafinilXL is an online pharmacy that primarily caters to U.S. customers even though their main branch is located outside of their primary market. How does this company fair when compared to other online pharmacies that sell nootropic medications? Do they offer a competitive price in comparison to their competition? Does the company meet industry standards when it comes to the products that they sell? How about their customer service? If you are looking for a reliable online pharmacy to get your prescription nootropics, is ModafinilXL a worthwhile investment?

ModafinilXL Brand Overview

As we have stated earlier, ModafinilXL’s primary market is in the United States. However, since they operate outside of the U.S., the delivery period might take longer than usual. The company has been around for quite some time, being founded back in 2010. This makes ModafinilXL one of the veterans in the business.

Over the years, ModafinilXL has significantly improved its services while maintaining a highly competitive price tag. ModafinilXL also values the privacy of its customers as can be seen with its packaging, which is incredibly discreet.

All of ModafinilXL’s products are taken from four well-known and respectable pharmaceutical companies from around the world: Sun Pharma, HAB Pharma, INTAS Pharma, and Healing Pharma. Keep in mind that delivery may take some time if you are located in the U.S. Expect the usual seven days or more delivery period.

ModafinilXL Reputation

One of the first aspects we noticed about ModafinilXL is its organized, neat, and professionally designed website. ModafinilXl’s official website is incredibly easy to navigate with a clear-cut view of where each vital information can be seen. All essential information regarding the product, shipping, and payment method are all available and delivered straightforwardly. Everything is streamlined with the website, which makes purchasing and navigating through the numerous pages a breeze.

Additionally, ModafinilXL’s website also contains some interesting articles/blogs about nootropic medications. Their website feels like an all-in-one spot for anything nootropics from products to news, which shows you the level of professionalism they bring to the table.

Overall, ModafinilXL has been in the business for a decade – they certainly wouldn’t be able to achieve this longevity without being a reliable online pharmacy.

ModafinilXL Products

What separates ModafinilXL from most nootropic online pharmacies is the variety and flexibility of their on-sale medications. Not only do they offer both original and generic brands of modafinil, but they also sell these products in “combo promos” that let customers purchase two different medications at a discount.

ModafinilXL comes stocked with a wide variety of modafinil medications. You also shouldn’t worry if you are taking a specific brand as the company sells four of the most popular nootropic drugs in the market, namely:

  • Modalert
  • Modvigil
  • Artvigil
  • Waklert

These four are the most widely used nootropic drugs in the market. All of which are available in ModafinilXL’s store.

ModafinilXL Product Pricing

Now, let us move on over to one of the most important factors to consider the pricing. In that regard, ModafinilXL provides flexibility and variety in spades. For example, the website will regularly post combo sales that let customers pick two different medications at a lower cost. This is an excellent option for customers looking to experiment with a different nootropic drug.

Interestingly enough, ModafinilXL allows for payment via Bitcoin. The minimum order requirement when purchasing from ModafinilXL is ten pills, which will cost around $29. As stated previously, payment can be made using Bitcoin, which gives customers a nice 35% discount for their orders.

Also, bulk purchases will give higher discounts per pill – to the point where you can get a pill for only $0.99. Bulk orders of 300 pills are a more practical option as ModafinilXL can ship it in one package, which helps circumvent the need to deal with customs more than once.

ModafinilXL Shipping Process

As you all know, modafinil is a prescription drug, and having it go through customs can cause quite a hassle which might also lead to delays. ModafinilXL removes such concerns with their 100% delivery guarantee clause. If ever your orders do not arrive, ModafinilXL will give you the option to either allow them to re-ship the item or give you a full refund.

However, reporting issues with delivery might take some time as ModafinilXL’s customer service are not always on-hand. Even if you can get a hold of a customer service representative, they will need to thoroughly check whether or not you indeed did not receive your order – which once again takes up time.

Refund requests will also go through an exhaustive process before it is granted. This is the common thread with customer reviews that we gathered concerning any negative experiences with ModafinilXL. As for the payment method options available, it seems that ModafinilXL has a preference for buyers who pay via cryptocurrency as they offer considerably high discounts to those who will pay via Bitcoin. We did find this strange considering that not everyone uses or has access to cryptocurrency.

ModafinilXL Highlights

ModafinilXL provides excellent prices for their products. The company also accepts Bitcoin payment aside from the standard credit card option, which gives customers more options. There is also a broad selection of nootropic medications available, as well as combo promos with discounted prices. In most cases, ModafinilXL also provides tracking numbers for their shipments (depending on the delivery service chosen or available). Another notable aspect of ModafinilXL is its impeccably designed website which is easy to navigate and straightforward.

ModafinilXL Lowlights

One of the common complaints from customers comes from the inconsistent customer support services that they offer. Requesting for refunds concerning failed deliveries can also be quite sluggish at times. There is also a negative side effect of having far too many nootropic options available as it can be quite overwhelming and confusing for some.


Overall, we find ModafinilXL to be a legit online pharmacy that offers a vast number of genuine nootropic medications. We welcome the company’s focus on delivering quality medications at a competitive price as well as their inclination towards the privacy of their customers. That said, they do still fall short on certain aspects, namely, the customer service department. Hopefully, ModafinilXL steps up their game in this regard as they are among the few that provide a veritable list of high-quality nootropic medications online.  

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