Neomodafinil is an online pharmacy that offers nootropics and other medications for sleep disorders. The company has been around for some time, but they just recently hit their stride when they filled the void of registered online pharmacies that sell particular medications, in particular – modafinil. The thing about modafinil is that it can be quite challenging to find an online pharmacy that sells and delivers it to a vast number of locations.

Neomodafinil is one of the few nootropic online pharmacies that not only sell several medications but also sells them to a broader market. While that sounds like a win-win situation for people looking for where to purchase their nootropic medications online, we still need to take a closer look at whether Neomodafinil can genuinely and effectively deliver on its promises.

Neomodafinil Brand Overview

A look at their catalog shows a couple of specific types of modafinil. These are Modalert, Armodafinil Modvigil, and Artvigil which are generic versions of Nuvigil and Provigil. Neomodafinil offers these medications at 100mg, 150mg, and 200mg. We also conducted a check on the company’s overall customer service quality online from various sources, and we found their customer service to be lacking.

To clarify, Neomodafinil does appear to provide a robust enough customer service. However, we cannot ignore the complaints as there are enough out there to give us pause. Most of the charges revolve around the company’s painfully slow customer support with replies from inquiries requiring multiple emails before a response from their CS arrives. There were also complaints about the slow shipping of products, but these were few and far between. Still, this is something to mull over before purchasing from this online pharmacy.

The company does manage to pull it back and step up their game as they will go out of their way once issues/complaints are addressed. For example, if you received the wrong product, Neomodafinil will re-ship the correct one without having you go through 20 questions. It is just that it takes some time for the company to get to you concerning inquiries and issues. Nothing a little boost in their customer service department won’t fix.

About their Products

All of Neomodafinil’s products are supplied by Sun Pharma and Hab Pharma, two drug manufacturers located in India. Both companies are highly reputable in their home country and have been around for decades. You are guaranteed optimum quality and genuine medications when purchasing from Neomodafinil.

What allows the company to reach a broader range of customers is that they have branches, and most likely, warehouses located in different countries. This will enable them to shorten delivery periods once the shipping process has been completed. Based on our research, you can expect to deliver to take around 10 to 20 days before your orders arrive. We should also note that all of their branches seem to be located outside the U.S., which is how we based our delivery period estimation.

As for specific products, Neomodafinil offers four types of medication; each is varied forms of modafinil. The online pharmacy sells the following:

  • Modalert
  • Waklert
  • Modvigil
  • Artvigil

Let us take a closer look at each medication, shall we?

  • Modalert – This medication is a product of Sun Pharma, who is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Asia. Modalert is available in 200mg and is best taken early in the morning due to its relatively long half-life of 12 hours.
  • Modvigil – A popular alternative to Modalert as it is considerably more affordable. Modvigil is manufactured by Hab Pharmaceuticals, which is a famous Indian pharmaceutical company. Modvigil is often prescribed to manage ADHD.
  • Waklert – Another medication manufactured by Sun Pharma, Waklert differs from Modalert in that it contains R-Modafinil and is far more potent than the latter. Due to its more robust chemical structure, Waklert is only available in 150mg form.
  • Artvigil – Manufactured by Hab Pharmaceuticals, Artvigil is the alternative to Waklert that Neomodafinil offers its customers. Artvigil also contains R-Modafinil, which is a more potent variation of the substance and has some psychoactive effects as well.

Neomodafinil Product Pricing

Compared to other online pharmacies, Neomodafinil is a mid-range option that offers relatively cheaper nootropic medications compared to other companies. Of course, customers will need to submit a doctor’s prescription first before being allowed to purchase said pills.

For comparison, Neomodafinil offers discounts for bulk purchases that drops the price per pill as low as $0.79. For further contrast, Neomodafinil sells Waklert (R-modafinil based) at $0.92 per pill when ordering in bulk.

Additionally, Neomodafinil products are sold with free shipping. This puts Neomodafinil at a highly competitive position compared to other online pharmacies in the U.S. Overall, Neomodafinil’s pricing of their products are all well-rounded and fair.

Neomodafinil Shipping Process

Since Neomodafinil provides free shipping, we can’t say we expected a stellar lightning-fast delivery service. Expect delivery of the product to take anywhere in between 10 to 20 days, more for some areas. This is a point of concern, especially considering the subpar customer service that Neomodafinil provides at the moment. Because of this particular issue, we highly advise interested customers to instead use third-party tracking services rather than directly contacting Neomodafinil’s customer support.

Overall, we found that Neomodafinil ships all their products, and any issues will be rectified without question. The only problem here is the varying length of delivery time. In general, you should expect items that you order to arrive after ten days. Some countries can expect delivery to be completed in a week, though, as for the U.S., ten days is the average waiting period.

Neomodafinil Customer Service Quality

This is where Neomodafinil tends to fall short for some customers. Getting a hold of them through their online chat platform comes with its fair share of problems in that, more often than not, you will only receive automated replies. It is quite tricky to get hold of an actual human in their online chat support so much so that inquiries might cause some headaches for some wanting a direct and specific answer.

Customers have reported that they were eventually able to get a hold of a human customer service representative, but it typically takes a handful of tries.


Overall, Neomodafinil is a notable and worthwhile online pharmacy, even with some of its visible faults. They do offer a highly competitive price for modafinil medications, and the free shipping also lends to its cost-saving advantage. While the delivery period and customer service are a tad shaky, the company still delivers when all is said and done. We would describe Neomodafinil as a dependable online pharmacy that is still a bit rough around the edges, nothing that can’t be ironed out over time.

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