Tip sheets

Healthy and Active Preschoolers offer Tip Sheets to families to promote healthy eating and active living. Below are the English and Spanish monthly Tip Sheets.





January 2014: Eat Well Year Round 

February 2014: Healthy Smiles 

March 2014: Yoga as a Family 

April 2014: Gardening with Your Children 

May 2014: Salt and Sodium 

June 2014: Screen Time and Preschoolers 

December 2014: Food Jags


January 2013: Making Physical Activity a Family Affair 

February 2013: Not All Fats Are the Same 

March 2013: Protein Food Sources 

April 2013: Healthy Eating for Less 

May 2013: Preschoolers and Sodas 

June 2013: Adding More Fruits to Your Child’s Diet 

July 2013: Choose MyPlate for Snacks 

August 2013: Healthy Eating for Busy Families 

September 2013: Choose MyPlate for Breakfast 

October 2013: Vegetarian Diets and Children 

November 2013:  Choose MyPlate for Lunch 

December 2013: Frequently Asked Questions About Beverages